CBX Revamps Own Brands Identities at BJ’s Wholesale Club

CBX Revamps Own Brands Identities at BJ’s Wholesale Club

Over in the U.S., hundreds of new Berkley Jensen and Wellsley Farms packages are hitting the shelves at BJ’s Wholesale Club as a result to an own brands consolidation and redesign project in partnership with CBX, the brand agency and retail design consultancy.

“The brand consolidation project streamlined the BJ’s brand portfolio to create greater clarity, awareness, and focus,” explained Kris Modugno, assistant vice president of own brands for BJ’s Wholesale Club. “Instead of managing ten separate own brands across multiple categories, as we did before, we have now rolled our food items into Wellsley Farms and our non-food items into Berkley Jensen – both have the strongest brand equity and loyalty among our Members. The result is a rationalized platform of own brands, which better positions BJ’s Wholesale Club for future growth.”

“For both Wellsley Farms and Berkley Jensen, the new design systems created are consistent enough to provide impactful identities on shelf and flexible enough to speak to individual product features and benefits, as well as to specific consumer targets,” added Todd Maute, a partner and private label branding specialist at CBX.

Graphically, CBX employed design architectures with all-new photography, logos, fonts and other visual and narrative elements. “Oversized photography, as well as strong, bold colour highlighted the features and benefits on packs for both lines and gave us lots of flexibility with which to tell the stories of these brands,” Maute said.

“For Wellsley Farms, in particular, CBX used consistent structure to underscore attributes such as ‘fresh’ and ‘quality,'” noted Rick Barrack, founding partner and chief creative officer. “We also put a major emphasis on telling BJ’s Members all about the sourcing of these products—whether you’re talking about Wellsley Farms Whole-Bean Coffee from Papua New Guinea or its Italian Marinara Sauce made from San Marzano tomatoes,” Barrack said. In support of this, Wellsley Farm’s seal-like logo conveys the notion of a ‘stamp of approval’.

The brand extension affects more than 800 food and nonfood SKUs at 208 warehouse clubs across the East Coast. As part of the project, CBX also redesigned pallet skirts, shippers, ads, promotional videos, membership brochures and other touch points that are said to form a big part of the BJ’s retail experience.