New World Supercross Championship Reveals Logo Design Ahead of Launch

New World Supercross Championship Reveals Logo Design Ahead of Launch

The new logo and design aesthetic for the World Supercross Championship (WSX) has been officially unveiled.

SX Global, the Australian sports and entertainment company responsible for the all-new off-road motorcycle racing event, has disclosed a new logo along with branding elements that it says will “visually characterise supercross’ global Championship in the minds of fans for years to come”.

The design direction has been spearheaded by Cochrane Entertainment’s director Thea Jeanes-Cochrane, on behalf of SX Global and in collaboration with Pangaea Creative, a design agency based in London that specialises in motorsport.

“The new brand identity is marked by an energetic, bold colour palette, highlighted by blazing orange and charcoal grey; with a design aesthetic that reaches back to classic motorsport culture and pulls it forward with a contemporary, modern design sensibility. The dynamic, neoteric design language will serve as the WSX Championship’s definitive visual persona, while creating a vivid thread that ties the Championship, and the International Grand Prix rounds together with a wide range of marketing and promotional touch points with consumers,” reckons SX Global.

Adding: “The WSX logo and brand elements are grounded in the geometry of supercross, featuring a visual system of shapes and angles that call upon the most recognised features and elements of supercross tracks. Sharp angles and flowing curves carry through the visual outlines of whoops, rhythm sections, doubles, triples and hairpin turns, all tied together to create a simple, yet powerful and authentic visual identity.”

Set to be an annual event run by the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM), the WSX’s pilot season is scheduled to launch later on this year and will feature 10 international teams together with 40 of “the world’s best racers”.

Source: SX Global