Forsman & Bodenfors Brands Sports Fan Rewards Platform – ‘FanMore’

Forsman & Bodenfors Brands Sports Fan Rewards Platform – ‘FanMore’

Forsman & Bodenfors Canada (F&B CAN) has created the logo and brand identity for new fan rewards platform, “FanMore”.

The latter – billed as the first fully personalisable fan loyalty rewards platform designed for sports teams – is the brainchild of startup iVirtual, a Canadian firm which describes itself as a specialist in “virtualisation and metaverse technologies”.

Designed to integrate with existing team apps, FanMore aims to connect teams with the 90% of so-called “invisible fans” whose activities and behaviours are said to be largely unknown.

“Sports fandom is a huge addressable market, and iVirtual is unlocking huge value for teams, brands and fans,” says F&B CAN head of strategy, Andrew Carty.

Adding: “There’s all kinds of unseen fan behaviour, and by rewarding fans for things they’re already doing, iVirtual provides a ton of value. We’re able to provide fans access to rewards they’ve never had before, and teams and brands to fans where they’ve never been able to talk to or influence them.”

The agency worked directly with iVirtual on the naming, branding, and crowd-investment launch campaign for FanMore on Meta-backed startup investing service, Republic.

Having launched with the NHL’s Seattle Kraken as its pilot partner, iVirtual claims to have already raised $3.35 million in financing.