Identity Design for Accountancy Firm, ‘vHM’

Identity Design for Accountancy Firm, ‘vHM’

Having been in business for more than 75 years, German accountancy firm “Dres. M. u. R. Beker Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft” specialises in providing tax advice to health professionals.

For about ten years, Christiane von Heyden and Susanne Mößner have been its managing directors and principal owners. On the occasion of a corporate redesign, the company’s name was changed to “von Heyden · Mößner Rechts­anwaltsgesellschaft”.

In the process of developing the logo, the knowledge and experience of the consultancy was put centre stage. Thus, books became the central element and the logo aims to reflect knowledge, experience, accuracy and order.

The new logo design, which features the initials vHM, was developed by graphically reducing the book as a design element and is also used in the architecture of the business premises.

Created under art director Bernhard Wilke at Konstanz-based creative agency Lorth Gessler Mittelstaedt, the revised identity has been chosen as a Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2013 winner.





Lorth Gessler Mittelstaedt