IC Design Creates Identity for U.S. Law Firm – ‘Neifert Khorshid’

IC Design Creates Identity for U.S. Law Firm – ‘Neifert Khorshid’

London-based design agency IC Design has created the branding and identity for boutique law firm, Neifert Khorshid.

The startup legal practice, headquartered in California, needed a strong and powerful brand identity to reflect the experience and expertise of its partners, say the designers.

“We created a typographic marque that is supported by clean typography, a sophisticated colour palette of deep blues, greys and greens along with abstract geometric imagery to complement the logo icon. This will now be rolled out across all their marketing materials,” explains IC Design’s design director, Rowana Batuwitage.

Founded and launched earlier this year, Neifert Khorshid was established by lawyer Mary Neifert and former Assistant U.S. Attorney Anoiel Khorshid.





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