MEANS Database Reveals New Name and Logo

MEANS Database Reveals New Name and Logo

MEANS Database has announced its rebranding initiative to become

The non-profit outfit hopes its new name, logo, and website will “better reflects its work”.

Headquartered in Washington, the organisation functions as an online platform where businesses such as restaurants and grocery stores with excess food are able to connect with nearby emergency food providers like soup kitchens, homeless shelters, and food banks.

It claims to have recovered and distributed over 52 million pounds of food and supplies across America in 2023.

“The new logo reflects the dynamic nature of the organisation,” says a spokesperson.

Adding: “With the new name, does exactly what it says – recover food across the country using technology to facilitate sustainability efforts. The rebranding is not only a visual overhaul but also a strategic move to expand the organisation’s reach and influence.”

“We believe the updated look and feel will resonate with our supporters, partners, and the broader community as we continue to make a positive impact on both the environment and the lives of those in need,” further explains’s executive director, Sammie Paul.