Offthetopofmyhead and Thinking Room Create Brand Identity for Liferaft

Offthetopofmyhead and Thinking Room Create Brand Identity for Liferaft

Agencies Offthetopofmyhead and Thinking Room have worked together to create a brand identity for Liferaft, a new “online toolkit” designed to be used by people living with disabilities and their carers.

The portal has been set up by start-up company Kuradocs, which was in turn founded by Nicola Murgatroyd, a mother whose child was born with spina bifida.

After experiencing the almost overwhelming administrative load of caring for her daughter, Murgatroyd set out to create a system that could contain all the information in one central place relating to the care of a child or loved one.

As a result, Liferaft claims to support integrated care by providing carers, GPs, nurses, schools and physiotherapists with a single source of information, which is managed by the person being cared for, or by their nominated carer.

In terms of the branding, Thinking Room came up with Liferaft’s name and developed their positioning, while Offthetopofmyhead was tasked with creating both the logo and graphic identity.

Liferaft’s name is said to have been inspired by the words, “it’s not my care, not my health but my life”.

“Their name articulates Liferaft’s proposition: a raft of tools to support your life. And it captures the essence of a product that’s serious but needs some emotional currency too,” explains Barbra Wright, Thinking Room’s founder and brand strategist. “Liferaft’s identity is warm, sharp and modern”.

“Liferaft’s logo and graphic identity were sparked off by the idea that their online toolkit is all about being organised and connected,” adds John Spencer, Offthetopofmyhead’s founder and creative director. “Their L icon symbolises connected resources and their namestyle focuses on ‘life’, so the logo brings together technology and humanity. Liferaft’s matrix, which is constructed from multiples of their icon, connects all their communications and makes everything they say look like only they could have said it.”