Offthetopofmyhead Creates New Identity for OxfordSM

Offthetopofmyhead Creates New Identity for OxfordSM

Management consultancy OxfordSM has revealed a new identity designed by Offthetopofmyhead. The project initially started off as a website redesign but ended up as a total rebrand.

Based in both the UK and US, OxfordSM works with large organisations like Unilever, Vodafone and Bayer, and claims to improve commercial results through behaviour change. The business currently operates purely on the virtual level, not being office-based, which they say helps them recruit the best people wherever they might be.

Offthetopofmyhead worked on the project with a team of associates. Ben Afia defined the brand personality and created a tone of voice that aims to make the business sound “more human”, while Slater King was responsible for the photography.

OxfordSM says it needed a website that would get potential clients sufficiently interested in them to start a conversation.

Offthetopofmyhead founder and creative director, John Spencer, says, “The website’s paired back look and feel fell straight out of the brand personality and tone of voice work, helped by the guiding principles of human and personal, beautifully simple and real”.

The fully-responsive website was subsequently built by Henrik Hilker.

“The more we worked on the website redesign the more it became obvious that OxfordSM’s logo and graphic identity were in need of an overhaul. They needed something with warmth, personality and humanity,” adds John, who collaborated on the logo design with typographer Alan Meeks.

“The idea for their handwritten logo and conspicuous colour palette was sparked off by a wall of Post-It notes in an OxfordSM workshop. Their new logo’s style mimics a black magic marker. It’s got bags of energy, especially when it’s animated”.

Identity guidelines have also been created to make sure OxfordSM’s design and language principles are stuck to over time.

The new look is being being rolled out from this week across OxfordSM’s website, PowerPoint presentation decks, which have been developed by Eileen Breen, an array of printed collateral including stationery and notebooks, display materials, and promotional items like data sticks, pens and polo shirts developed by Tricia Lambert.