Precision NDT Updates Name and Logo Design

Precision NDT Updates Name and Logo Design

Precision NDT, a specialist in non-destructive testing in the oil and gas sector, has this past week announced a transformative rebranding initiative.

To be called “Precision Group” going forwards, the change comes as a result of the unification of several entities, including Precision NDT, Precision Asset Integrity, Precision Safety, and Precision Environmental.

“This strategic rebrand reflects the company’s expansion into comprehensive asset integrity, safety, and environmental services, positioning it as a forward-thinking provider of industry-leading insights with a commitment to innovation and integrity,” says the American firm.

“Our new identity will better reflect the full scope of our expertise and offerings. It also underscores our ongoing mission: to shape the future of asset integrity using advanced technology and precise insights that protect what matters most,” further comments Trent Loney, CEO of Precision Group.

The rebranding also sees the the introduction of a brand new tagline, namely, “Insight. Integrity. Innovation.”

“The essence of Precision Group is reflected in our new tagline,” explains Casey Nelton, chief human resource officer.

Adding: “It’s not just about what we do, but how we do it — with insight that comes from deep expertise, integrity that builds trust, and innovation that leads the market.”

Source: Precision Group