Forbes Mergers and Acquisitions Overhauls Branding

Forbes Mergers and Acquisitions Overhauls Branding

Forbes Mergers and Acquisitions, a major U.S. M&A transaction advisory firm, has announced that it has completed a rebranding initiative that includes the creation of a new company name, “The Forbes M+A Group,” a new tagline, “EVERY DETAIL COUNTS,” a redesign of the firm’s website and other collateral, and an entirely new design and build-out of larger corporate offices.

The new name and look also coincides with the company’s 10th anniversary.

“The addition of the word group to the new brand name draws attention to the level of involvement that multiple senior advisors brings to each transaction,” says the firm’s founder and president, Bob Forbes.

David Roth, a partner with the Denver-based brand staging firm Get Stirred Up, who led the rebranding initiative, added: “We spoke to past and present customers, private equity groups, attorneys, CPAs and other trusted advisors. What we heard over and over was that these guys engaged at a much deeper level than their competitors, and worked much harder to get deals across the finish line. They were clearly different, and we wanted to reflect that in the new tagline, which uses a unique typographic treatment that reinforces two interdependent concepts: Every detail counts and every deal counts.”



Source: Forbes M+A Group