Siegel+Gale Unveils New Logo Design for ‘Truth Initiative’

Siegel+Gale Unveils New Logo Design for ‘Truth Initiative’

Global strategic branding firm Siegel+Gale has announced the completion of the rebrand for Truth Initiative, formerly the American Legacy Foundation or Legacy, said to be the largest non-profit public health organisation in the U.S. focusing specifically on tobacco control.

Legacy partnered with Siegel+Gale on a comprehensive rebranding initiative while launching the next generation of their ‘truth’ youth smoking prevention campaign.

The new brand is therefore encapsulated in the new organisation name, Truth Initiative, and is further accompanied by the tagline, “Inspiring Tobacco-Free Lives”.

Along with a new name and story, Siegel+Gale designed a new symbol, drawing equity from the original truth campaign wordmark, while orange was leveraged as a signature colour to further link the organisation to the campaign. The new identity system also builds upon the symbol’s foundation form of a circle.

“This was a unique opportunity for Truth Initiative to utilise such a strong, recognisable campaign brand to support its efforts in not just public education, but tobacco control research, policy studies and community-based grassroots activities,” said Daniel Golden, strategy director, Siegel+Gale. “The alignment between Truth Initiative and truth creates a stronger, more unified presence and simple, focused approach to tell their story and further their purpose.”