Ragged Edge Rebrands Venture Capital Firm, Northzone

Ragged Edge Rebrands Venture Capital Firm, Northzone

Venture capital fund Northzone has been given a makeover by London-based branding agency, Ragged Edge.

The fund, which has invested in the likes of Spotify, Trustpilot and Kahoot among others, approached the agency because it wanted to elevate its profile not only on the European stage but also internationally.

“Since 1996, we’ve made over 150 investments, raised over €1.5 billion, and survived two financial crises unscathed. You can’t do that by thinking like everybody else. We felt the time was right to tell that story to a wider audience, particularly internationally,” explains Northzone’s general partner, Paul Murphy.

For the new identity, which encompasses both visual and verbal elements, the designers at Ragged Edge say they took inspiration from editorial design in an effort to convey Northzone’s “unwavering honesty”.

“A lot of the messaging in the VC world is pretty interchangeable – there’s an industry vernacular that’s all too easy to slip into. But Northzone has a genuine point of difference,” comments co-founder of Ragged Edge, Max Ottignon. “The strength of the identity’s foundations, from the masthead to the bold tone of voice, allows Northzone to continue to adapt without losing any coherence. It felt important to make room for the personalities of the individuals – from the founders to the entrepreneurs they back.”

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