Recruitment Agency Pascoe + Tew Unveils New Branding by Curious

Recruitment Agency Pascoe + Tew Unveils New Branding by Curious

Branding and communications agency Curious has created the new logo and branding for recruitment agency, Pascoe + Tew.

The latter, headquartered in Guildford in Surrey, is said to use a distinct “psychology methodology” to help businesses find the right kind of employees.

Its so-called “Humanology” approach reportedly mixes psychology with technology “to drive talent forward”.

Curious says it aim with the rebrand was to bring to life the executive search firm’s “humanising” approach to what is otherwise known as ‘headhunting’.

“We needed to convey a company that does things differently, whose psychology led approach lends itself to a 100% success rate. One with best intentions at heart and would never rely on LinkedIn algorithms to do their jobs. A company that has made Executive Search human,” explains the design team.

Adding: “Our design takes away layers of complexity and doesn’t wrap itself up in corporate fluff. It’s confident, with nothing to hide, blending simple, clean photography with tongue in cheek illustrations and a warm accent colour. It’s professional but not cold, adding personality and tone to a rather dull world.”

“Creating connections and forming relationships is at the heart of Pascoe + Tew, and we’re proud to help drive this narrative,” further comments Nikki Cunningham, managing director at London-based Curious.