Design Agency Branding: ACRE

Design Agency Branding: ACRE

Co-founded in 2011 by designers T Y Zheng and Jason Song, ACRE is a creative studio seated in MacPherson, one of Singapore’s industrial heartlands.

ACRE’s two designers have a self-confessed preoccupation with measurement devices, preferring to do things the ‘old way’. And an acre is, of course, a unit of area measure that is most often used to express areas of land in countries where the Imperial System is still in use.

A field was therefore used as a source of inspiration for the agency’s logo, which is depicted in the actual design in the form of a diamond-lozenge shape.

The logo’s minimalist outlook is heightened by the additional use of a vivid yellow colour; this, the designers assert, represents the company’s work being a collaborative ‘harvest’ between itself and its clients and other partners.