& SMITH and We All Need Words Create Identity for Elderbrook Drinks

& SMITH and We All Need Words Create Identity for Elderbrook Drinks

David Folkman and Craig Jones quit their jobs at Innocent Drinks to start Elderbrook Drinks last year.

Their new brand, created by & SMITH and We All Need Words, aims to call out the overclaims of big sugary soft drinks and squash, and simultaneously mocks the latest health fads.

The identity also showcases the work of young YCN illustrators Enrica Casentini, Ana Jaks and Quentin Mongue.

“Touted as a ‘better-for-you-cordial’, Elderbrook doesn’t pretend to be full of your five-a-day, turn you into a yogi in one sip, or give you Popeye’s muscles. But it does taste good and it is better for you than most spoonfuls-of-processed-sugar soft drinks,” says a company spokesperson.

“It would’ve been easy to make Elderbrook’s design pure and ‘my-body-is-a-temple’ simple. But when big, sugary soft drinks are trying to show how ‘healthy’ they are, we had to raise Elderbrook’s game and do something different. The design is bold and uses the work of young illustrators in a whip-smart, grown-up way,” adds Dan Bernstein, creative partner at & SMITH.

Elderbrook Drinks currently send cordials by post and they can also be bought in independent shops.







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