SomeOne Rebrands Thameslink

SomeOne Rebrands Thameslink

Design agency SomeOne has created new branding for the Thameslink and Great Northern train operating companies. It follows the rebranding of the South Eastern network.

All part of GTR (Govia Thameslink Railway), the bid for the networks was won from First Capital Connect back in May 2014. The GTR network includes the new Thameslink and Great Northern lines, as well as Southern and Gatwick Express.

It forms the UK’s biggest ever rail franchise; 22% of all passenger train services.

SomeOne says the identity has been specifically designed to make the most of the future of the GTR network, pointing to a new direction, and new connections – whilst being considerate of the past franchises, and the heritage of the network names that had existed prior to the First Capital Connect line.

The colours have been chosen to help aid the link between the two connecting Thameslink and Great Northern lines, whilst also ensuring that they are able to work with the colour of previous branded rolling stock, thereby saving cost in having to repaint an entire fleet immediately.

The ‘helping hand’ icon, currently applied to the South Eastern network, is also being rolled out across the two new networks.

“The ‘helping hands’ are also a useful coherent branding element that can help travellers who cross networks, where previously they would simply be met by new and different identities – they are now met by a recognisable, useful helping hand. Uniting what was previously separate,” explain the designers.