Toast Creates Branding for ‘The Open Oven Pizza Co’

Toast Creates Branding for ‘The Open Oven Pizza Co’

Design agency Toast has created the branding for The Open Oven Pizza Company, a catering venture for the new Cornwall Services on the A30 just outside Roche.

Toast’s senior brand team, Chris Tymon and Simon Browne, wanted the naming, positioning and subsequent branding to reflect the user experience of the customer. To this end Chris sketched out rough ideas of what customers would actually see as they entered the services and how they would interact with the USP – a full sized open pizza oven. The designers felt both the nature of the product and cooking process should form an essential part of the brand experience.

“Having established a better understanding of what the experience would be like allowed us to refine the keywords that we would associate with that experience and came up with some concepts for the name. These names were discussed and developed further and the strongest idea emerged and this was The Open Oven Pizza Company. This was then used along with all the research and understanding from the earlier stages to create a suitable visual identity and logo,” explains Simon.