Truffle Brand Sabatino Tartufi Introduces New Logo Design

Truffle Brand Sabatino Tartufi Introduces New Logo Design

Century-old Truffle brand Sabatino Tartufi has revealed a new logo and website as part of an identity refresh.

Founded all the way back in 1911 in Italy’s Umbria region, the family-owned business is today said to provide truffles to some of the world’s most renowned chefs.

The firm’s rebrand is described as an “evolution”, at the heart of which lies a reimagined logo that no longer carries the word “Tartufi”.

“Sabatino Tartufi has been streamlined to ‘Sabatino’, and the ‘The Truffle Family’ identity is introduced, a nod to the rich history that defines this culinary institution. The colour palette of black, white, and gold exudes sophistication, paying homage to the luxury of truffles and the Italian heritage Sabatino holds dear,” says the company.

The new design incorporates a monogram that is claimed to visually symbolise the origin story of truffles and how its growth stems from the roots of a tree.

“No detail was overlooked,” comments Federico Balestra, Sabatino’s current CEO and grandson of founder Sabatino Balestra. “Each element reflects a dedication to preserving tradition while embracing a dynamic and modern identity for the future.”

With facilities in Connecticut as well as in Umbria, Sabatino now claims to be “the world’s largest truffle specialist”.

Source: Sabatino