Annie Atkins Designs Logo for Dublin

Annie Atkins Designs Logo for Dublin

Designer Annie Atkins, known for her work on Wes Anderson’s film The Grand Budapest Hotel, has designed a new logo for the city of Dublin.

Think & Son, the consultancy Annie co-founded along with Eoghan Nolan, won a pitch earlier in the year to produce a logo and advertising campaign for Fáilte Ireland (the Irish Tourist Board) promoting Dublin as a holiday destination – and positioning it as a city that sits between the mountains and the sea.

“It was important that the logo felt like a holiday, not a product. I also wanted to draw it by hand – like it wouldn’t be out of place painted up on the side of a building somewhere in the city,” says Annie about the design.

The logo also draws from Dublin’s historical graphic language.

“I sketched some ancient Celtic letterforms, as well as looking at Georgian calligraphy. Actually, that big swoopy initial D was stolen almost directly from 19th century calligraphic lettering,” adds Annie.

Birds were incorporated into the design to illustrate the theme of “air and space”. A swift was eventually selected as the bird of choice for this symbolism.

“Swifts are summer visitors to Dublin – they migrate here every year, which seemed fitting to the idea of the logo looking like a holiday,” explains Annie.

The tone of voice, meanwhile, is informal and friendly – one that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Colloquial, distinctive, contemporary and upbeat are some of the words Annie uses to describe the brand language.








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