Bell Helicopter Rebrands to ‘Bell’, Reveals New Logo Design

Bell Helicopter Rebrands to ‘Bell’, Reveals New Logo Design

Major global aircraft manufacturer Bell Helicopter has revealed it has rebranded to be known as simply “Bell”.

The American company teamed up with design consultancy FutureBrand to complete its first rebranding since aerospace giant Textron purchased the defense businesses of Bell Aircraft Corporation in 1960 some of which became Bell Helicopter.

“Bell has always been about more than just helicopters. Our team has spent the past 80 years pushing the boundaries of flight, and now we will accurately reflect that quest,” said president and CEO, Mitch Snyder. “The look captures our innovative spirit without detracting from our core mission of providing safe and unsurpassed experiences to our customers.”

The most notable update, aside from its brand name change, is an all-new logo design.

“Bell wanted to highlight the tenacious pursuit of flight with its depiction of a dragonfly, while grounding the logo with a shield to illustrate the company’s stellar reputation in reliability and quality,” said a company spokesperson.

“The dragonfly can take off and land wherever it wants, fly quickly and efficiently in any direction, and hover at will. It represents the mastery of flight, something Bell strives to achieve,” added Snyder.

Source: Bell