Biotech Company Amabiotics Unveils Rebranding

Biotech Company Amabiotics Unveils Rebranding

Amabiotics, a global biotech company developing microbiome-derived medicine for neurological conditions, has announced that it is changing its corporate name to “Stellate Therapeutics”.

Founded in 2010, the New York-headquartered company develops small molecules produced by human gut bacteria into what are claimed to be first-in-class personalised therapies for neurological diseases, including Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease.

The new Stellate name, which means star-shaped in general, and more specifically in medical terms to certain star-like shaped neurons found in the central nervous system, is claimed to reflect the company’s “strategic focus of using the human gut-brain axis to change the trajectory of brain disorders”.

“Great science starts with clever ideas. Stellate’s focus on molecules produced by the microbiome, but active on the human brain, has been very productive and promising,” says Bernard Munos, a newly-appointed member to the company’s strategic advisory board. “Its virtual research model gives it a lean and agile R&D machine that maximises spending on what produces results and returns: research that swiftly advances drug candidates to market.”

“It is now well recognised that our gut bacteria produce factors that are essential for our brain health, which are disrupted in certain neurological diseases. Stellate has lead first-in-class drug development programs focused on restoring this important balance for the treatment of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease,” adds fellow strategic advisory board member, Robert Schneider, PhD.

Source: Stellate Therapeutics