Bulletproof Redesigns Bassetts Vitamins

Bulletproof Redesigns Bassetts Vitamins

Bassetts Vitamins is set to re-launch its entire product range featuring a new brand identity and packaging design by brand design agency Bulletproof.

First launched in 1995, Bassetts ‘Soft & Chewy’ Vitamins is now said to be the UK’s number one children’s vitamin brand; their best-selling variant, Early Health Strawberry, sells one pack every minute.

Despite its dominant position in the vitamin sector, Bassetts Vitamins faces strong competition in a crowded and colourful fixture. Parent company Ernest Jackson felt it needed to make the range easier to shop.

Bulletproof said: “Our first challenge was to create design platforms and Brand Worlds to reflect the brand’s offer – delicious and fruity vitamins for all the family. We then needed to bring these to life in a way that would reflect the caring and comforting nature of Bassetts Vitamins while delivering on the functional benefits of each product.”

A new brand mark was therefore created with an updated signature purple and white colour palette to avoid alienation of existing consumers. The brand’s ‘Jelly’ character was also redrawn.

“For added taste appeal, fruit illustrations were introduced to the design illustrating the delicious fruity natural flavours of the products,” explain the designers.