CBX Designs Logo and Packaging for Man Cave Meats

CBX Designs Logo and Packaging for Man Cave Meats

U.S. food brand Man Cave Craft Meats is moving from its tent at the Minneapolis Farmers Market to grocery stores across the country – with packaging and branding help from CBX.

“The founders of Man Cave Meats, Nick and Josh Beste, were university students when they launched their business by crafting standout flavour combinations with an obsessive focus on quality,” said CBX Managing Partner Nancy Brown. “As Man Cave Meats geared up to reach thousands of new customers, our job was to help the company build its brand identity and create attention-grabbing product packaging.”

In less than a year, the brand grew from zero to more than 500 stores, with even more aggressive rollout plans for the future. “Man Cave Meats achieved this type of growth by bringing a truly new product experience to consumers,” said Brown, who is based in CBX’s Minneapolis office. “From 50/50 Bacon burgers, to sriracha chicken sausages, to buffalo-style bratwursts with bleu cheese, Man Cave Meats offers creative combinations that are unique and appeal to consumers seeking new flavor experiences.”

The designers say Man Cave Meats’ new packaging is atypical as well. The designs adopt a ‘craft-like’ aesthetic, featuring black backgrounds, bold typography treatments and deliberately masculine imagery.

“Images of muscular males with beards and tattoos might not be appropriate for mainstream brands on the meat aisle, but such images – as well as taglines like ‘Long live the butcher!’ – are right in line with the Man Cave Meats brand,” said Man Cave Meats CEO, Nick Beste.