Fast Fashion Brand Naked Wardrobe Unveils New Logo

Fast Fashion Brand Naked Wardrobe Unveils New Logo

American female ‘fast fashion’ brand, Naked Wardrobe, has unveiled a new monogram logo as part of a visual identity refresh.

The new look is also being accompanied by a pivot in its product strategy, which will see the label launching ‘collections’ on a monthly basis instead of releasing weekly new arrivals.

The first such collection – dubbed “Fluid Sculpt by Naked Wardrobe” – has officially launched this week on the company’s all-new e-commerce website.

Founded in 20212 by a trio of sisters, namely, Shideh, Shida and Shirin Kaviani from Woodland Hills in California, the brand’s clothes have won over celeb fans including the likes of Carmen Electra, Kylie Jenner, Jennifer Lopez, and the Kardashian sisters, among many others.

“It’s been 12 years, and we wanted this new evolution of Naked Wardrobe to be more of a grown and sexy version of us with the same idea behind the brand,” wrote the company in a post on its Instagram account, which has over two millions followers.

Adding: “Our new logo represents a new creative direction meant to push the boundaries and be innovative.”

Source: Naked Wardrobe