Fintech App Mylo Expands to Europe and Rebrands as ‘Moka’

Fintech App Mylo Expands to Europe and Rebrands as ‘Moka’

Canadian fintech app Mylo is rebranding under the new name Moka and expanding internationally to Europe by launching in France.

The Montreal-based saving and investing app originally launched back in 2017 with the aim of helping millennials achieve their financial goals, and it has since been downloaded by over 750,000 Canadians.

The fintech company says it is uniquely positioned to launch in France because it already delivers a French product in Canada and has both French and French Canadian employees on its team.

“We’re expanding to France to help millennials save more, spend less, and invest smarter,” says Phil Barrar, CEO and founder of Moka. “We’re a proudly Canadian company, but we needed a name that resonates around the world in every language and country”.

France is currently home to 17 million millennials and is just the first of several countries where Moka intends to operate in Europe.

To celebrate the reveal of its new brand, Moka has also launched a new website at

Source: Moka