Fold7Design Rebrand STOP THE TRAFFIK

Fold7Design Rebrand STOP THE TRAFFIK

STOP THE TRAFFIK, the global charity committed to ending human trafficking worldwide, has revealed its fresh brand identity with design by Fold7Design.

The organisation has reportedly made a significant impact on millions of individuals globally in the last twenty years.

However, after operating discreetly for much of that time, the non-profit enlisted Fold7Design to develop a new look.

The refreshed identity design aims to bring the charity into the limelight, capturing attention, and reflecting its core activities of prevention and intelligence gathering.

Fold7Design says it has introduced a holistic design system, centred around a new branding element dubbed the “Stop Arrow”.

Unlike the typical upward or forward direction arrows commonly used in branding, the Stop Arrow points backward, which the designers claim results in a more memorable distinction as it focuses on the ‘before’ rather than the ‘after’.

Replacing a distressed handprint, the new symbol is combined with a visual toolkit featuring a sub-branding system, contemporary typographic voice, refreshed colour palette, and a human-centred collage-style illustration approach.

“STOP THE TRAFFIK’s work is almost entirely prevention focused – using technology, data and partnerships to provide the necessary steps to stop trafficking before it starts. ‘Prevention focused, intelligence-led’ became a brand idea that encompassed this – creating a modern, approachable and importantly, flexible new visual identity that can clearly showcase each distinct strand of their important work,” comments Tom Munckton, creative director at Fold7Design.

The new branding is being implemented across all STOP THE TRAFFIK marketing platforms, including the STOP APP, which enables individuals with smartphones to report suspected human trafficking incidents, including videos and images, from anywhere in the world.