George Mason University Completes Rebrand with Reveal of New Logo

George Mason University Completes Rebrand with Reveal of New Logo

George Mason University has revealed an all-new logo design as the capstone of a three-year-long rebrand initiative.

The new identity, which features a single logo for the university and its athletics program for the first time, completes a rollout that started in 2021 as part of preparations to mark 50 years of George Mason as a university in 2022.

“This new look is our reintroduction to the community, and a symbol of our commitment to the fundamentals: outstanding and rigorous academics, pragmatic career preparation and internships, flexibility and value, and an atmosphere of belonging for everyone,” says George Mason president, Gregory Washington.

The educational institute has evolved from a small regional college back in the 1970s into becoming the youngest institution ever to earn Carnegie Tier 1 research university status.

It also established Virginia’s first School of Computing in 2021 and its first College of Public Health in 2023.

“Our new brand crystallises our identity as a great equaliser – a university committed to inclusive acceptance over exclusive status, and the promise of broad access to a top 50 university experience,” adds Washington.

The new branding is said to have been designed with Input gathered from faculty and staff, students, parents, alumni, donors, and community leaders.

While the university’s familiar green and gold colour palette remains, newer shades have been adopted.

“The new look features clean lines and open ends, symbolising multiple entry points and pathways to success. An interior gold shape hugged by green on both sides depicts the university’s signature diversity and inclusivity. The clean lines represent the university’s efficiency and pragmatism,” says a George Mason spokesperson.

The “GM” monogram also marks the establishment out as being the world’s only university to use those initials in its logo and reportedly reflects how the broader community commonly refers to the university as “George Mason”, not just “Mason” and no longer “GMU”.

Source: George Mason University