Output Creates Logo and Branding for New Musicians Platform – ‘Temple’

Output Creates Logo and Branding for New Musicians Platform – ‘Temple’

London-based design studio Output has created the brand and digital experience for new musicians platform – “Temple”.

The latter is effectively a customer relationship management (CRM) system that allows musicians to consolidate all their marketing efforts into one tool, enabling them to talk directly to their fans as well as sell tickets and other merchandise.

Output were tasked with giving the platform a distinct identity, one which would stand out in what is a reportedly crowded market.

“Inspired by the concept of the white label, the Temple brand system is deliberately reductive. Taking a back seat, it becomes a catalyst for others. A blank canvas for musicians to showcase their unique identity,” say the designers at Output.

Adding: “This design framework is filled with the energy, passion and individuality of the musician. Every moment can be customised to celebrate and champion each artist, imbue their vibe and adapt to the language of their own marketing.”

“The blank canvas of the white label felt like the perfect metaphor. It allowed us to build a framework that really celebrates the artists and empowers them to express their unique identity,” further comments Output’s senior brand designer, Patrick Staunton.