Pineapple Express Reveals New Logo for ‘THC’ Cannabis Brand

Pineapple Express Reveals New Logo for ‘THC’ Cannabis Brand

LA-based company Pineapple Express has unveiled a new logo design for its Pro-cannabis brand THC.

The refreshed brand, which takes its name from the active chemical in cannabis called “delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol” (or “THC” for short), also gets a style guide in an attempt to capitalise on licensing merchandise which will display the THC trademarked name and logo on lifestyle products.

“Approximately 20% of all Americans now live in states where recreational marijuana use is legal and 60% live in states where medicinal marijuana is legal,” said Matt Feinstein, CEO of Pineapple Express.

He added, “We’ve updated the THC legacy brand with a new brand vision and logo in line with the modern consumer. Cannabis is no longer a fringe activity–there is now a community that is active creatively, politically and commercially who embrace legal cannabis to enhance their lives.”

“The style guide serves as a blueprint for licensees,” commented Theresa Flynt, VP of business development for Pineapple Express. “We believe the new style guide encompasses the real essence of the THC brand identity, voice, tone, fonts, colour palettes and other elements needed to create products, bringing the logo and brand to life.”

Once federal laws in the U.S. grant permission, Feinstein and Flynt say they also intend to create a nationally branded chain of company-owned cannabis retail stores under the “Pineapple Express” name.

Source: Pineapple Express