SomeOne Designs New Logo and Branding for Personal Group

SomeOne Designs New Logo and Branding for Personal Group

SomeOne has created the new logo design and branding strategy for Personal Group, said to be one of the UK’s leading brands in employee benefits.

The company services employees digitally as well as face-to-face. Using Personal Group’s employee engagement platform Hapi, employees can track, tailor and use their benefits from their mobiles. Employers can also use the platform as a direct channel to manage everything from comms to payslips to HR.

The technology is being increasingly used by large-scale, geographically spread organisations like the NHS.

“People feel more valued and more happy if benefits are clearly explained through personal interaction and tailored to things they like and that they can redeem easily through digital delivery,” says SomeOne. “Employee benefits are too often seen as complicated and of no real value to the individual. The actual percentage of people who make active use of their benefits is a staggeringly low 20%, so Personal Group see it as their mission to redress that balance.”

The agency therefore developed a brand strategy focused around ‘Work Happy’, with an accompanying visual identity based on a smiling face together with a golden yellow colour palette.

“When you look at the sector as a whole, it feels very sales-led. Lots of bright colours and faces of young people having lots of fun — in a nutshell, not very customer led, explains David Law, executive creative director of SomeOne. “Personal Group’s identity needed to be a bold statement for the industry but also simple, clear and accessible to land the idea of ‘Work Happy’ with employers and employees across the UK.”

Lee Davies, SomeOne design director adds, “We knew that if we were going to recommend a smiling face, it had to be something a bit special. When we pointed out how a nose is formed from the lower case ‘g’, no one on the client side had spotted it straight away — much like the hidden arrow in the FedEx wordmark — so it was an added and pleasant surprise. It gives the ‘PG’ a more personal face.”

PG’s online platform has been re-imagined alongside the brand repositioning by Experience Design Consultancy – ELSE. The digital overhaul includes the design of Hapi, Personal group’s app that will be released later this year.

ReedWords were also part of the collaboration helping to create a ‘happy’ tone of voice for PG, while the branded imagery was photographed by Sorted.