University Games Celebrates 35th Anniversary with New Logo

University Games Celebrates 35th Anniversary with New Logo

Toy and game manufacturer University Games has revealed an all-new logo design as part of its 35th anniversary celebrations.

Originally founded in 1985, the San Francisco-based company has since gone on to develop over 500 games, puzzles, and children’s learning and activity sets.

“This logo symbolises our unique mixing of learning and fun. The red letter ‘U’ stands for University and takes one back to our beginnings as a learning company in 1985. The ‘G’ stands for Games which represents the fun that we inject into every product we release,” said Bob Moog, the company’s co-founder and president, when explaining the meaning behind the new logo. “Together the red and the blue UG overlap creating something unique with the colour purple. The merging of learning and fun is where we stand alone in offering our games and puzzles to families around the world.”

“Lots of people talk about branding and logos, but no one takes it as seriously as we do,” continued Moog. “Some companies focus on learning, others on fun. We do both!”

The new logo design is said to be just the start of a year-long series of global events planned by University Games.

Later on in January, UG Studios, a live-streaming channel dedicated to games and puzzles, will begin broadcasting interviews, game shows, game reviews and game demos to game players and game buyers around the world via a dedicated YouTube channel.

Source: University Games