Drug Company TrialSpark Announces New Name and Logo

Drug Company TrialSpark Announces New Name and Logo

TrialSpark, a pharma company specialising in clinical drug development, has announced a name change to “Formation Bio”.

The biotech firm’s new name is claimed to embody several “relevant motifs”.

“We formulate new treatments. We form new types of teams, technology, and operational processes,” explains Lily Mintz, Formation Bio’s director of brand strategy and communications.

Adding: “The name will anchor us as we grow, staying the course through every stage of innovation as we form the pharma company of the future.”

“Our decision to rebrand as Formation Bio is a significant milestone in our journey to redefine the way new treatments are developed and delivered to patients,” further comments the American company’s co-founder and CEO Ben Liu, who holds degrees from both Yale and Cambridge universities, with an MPhil in computational biology from the latter.

“Over the past few years, we have operated as a clinical stage pharmaceutical company, growing our drug pipeline and advancing our in-house drug development capabilities. Now, our brand reflects that identity,” he concludes.

Founded in 2016, the New York-headquartered business claims that its proprietary technology platform optimises key aspects of clinical drug development, resulting in more efficient trial design, faster trial completion, as well as higher quality trial data.

Source: Formation Bio