Retail Intelligence Platform EDITED Unveils New Logo

Retail Intelligence Platform EDITED Unveils New Logo

Retail intelligence platform, EDITED, has unveiled a rebranded visual identity complete with new logo and website.

Claiming to be “the world’s leading AI-driven retail intelligence platform”, the London-headquartered software firm reckons the new look better reflects its corporate mission.

The latter aims to help retailers convert business analytics and external market data into useful – and not to mention profitable – insights.

“EDITED’s new logo evokes the idea of elevated perspectives and aggregate data coming together to provide more informed insights. The mountain of data represents the ‘elevated’ view retailers achieve when using EDITED’s AI-powered technology to gain visibility into their business,” says a company spokesperson.

“As we continue to grow and evolve as a company, we felt the time was right to evolve our brand’s look and feel as well,” further comments Shellie Vornhagen, EDITED’s chief marketing officer.

Adding: “It’s more than a logo change – this rebrand is representative of our newly defined vision, mission, and values as well.”

Source: EDITED