Skincare Brand INNISFREE Unveils New Logo and Packaging Design

Skincare Brand INNISFREE Unveils New Logo and Packaging Design

Vegan skincare brand, INNISFREE, has today launched a global rebrand inclusive of new logo and new packaging design.

The refreshed look follows on from the relaunch of 43 products as well as the introduction of three new cruelty-free formulas in the first quarter of 2024 from the Korean firm, which specialises in making green tea-derived skincare.

“INNISFREE has been one of the leading brands at the forefront of the K-Beauty craze, taking over the world for the last decade and rapidly expanding from Asia to the Western world,” says Julien Bouzitat, the company’s U.S. brand manager.

Adding: “At the same time, we have seen a significant number of brands joining the clean and nature-derived skincare space. So it was time for INNISFREE to reassert its points of difference and strong storytelling while adapting to how the consumer journey has evolved from social media discovery to preferred places of purchase.”

The packaging and logo update utilises a bespoke green colorway – developed in-house by INNISFREE – that is claimed to reflect both mother nature and green tea.

“Our signature, bold INNISFREE green colourway makes us stand out in a crowded space and we have simplified the way to navigate the product portfolio for self-selection, utilising specific hues to define collections. Green for our Green Tea items, brown for Volcanic Clay, pink for Cherry Blossom and so on,” further comments Bouzitat.