Blast Creates Identity for Wellcome Trust’s ‘The Crunch’

Blast Creates Identity for Wellcome Trust’s ‘The Crunch’

Global charity foundation The Wellcome Trust has launched The Crunch, a major new UK public engagement initiative focusing on food, health and the environment.

Following a competitive tender, The Wellcome Trust appointed creative design consultancy Blast as project lead, co-ordinating the 14 other project partners, and as creative lead, developing the name, brand guidelines, visual identity, messaging, and, together with digital partner agency Itineris, the website and all digital assets.

Blast says the first step was to devise the name. “It needed to reach and inspire a wide range of audiences across multiple channels,” explains Colin Gifford, creative director at Blast. “It needed to resonate as strongly and positively with both a four-year child and a food scientist. Our solution, The Crunch, encapsulates the essence of the initiative. Fun, foody and impactful, it also highlights that we’re at a crucial moment in which we need to reconsider our relationship with food and drink. So while The Crunch is playful and energetic, it also has a serious and thoughtful dimension. This versatility helps us engage with all our audiences, from children to foodies and policy makers.”

In the same way the visual identity is designed to be “bold, colourful, friendly and positive”, say the designers.

“The logo is comprised of three overlapping circles which represent the connections between food, health and environment,” explains Gifford. “In addition to the logo we’ve created a range of icons, infographics and illustrations, which give us a visual way to talk about the connections and communicate the variety of subjects covered by the initiative.”

The branding also includes a launch film created by Blast and animated by Nipple.

The Crunch will officially launch in March 2016.