Eurosport Reveals Olympics Logo Design

Eurosport Reveals Olympics Logo Design

Eurosport has unveiled its on-screen logo for the Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018.

The broadcast of the winter games will mark the network’s first as the official broadcaster for the Olympic games in both the United Kingdom and mainland Europe.

The logo design brings together the current Eurosport wordmark with the PyeongChang logo typeface, underpinned by the famous Olympic rings.

The three existing logos are then headed by a mountain silhouette depicting the natural setting of the Winter Games. The circular-shaped silhouette background further echoes the shape of the Olympic rings and will come in several variations, using bright colours that express the “spirit of modern K-pop culture”, says Eurosport.

“This brand identity represents the spirit of South Korea and we hope will become instantly recognisable to fans as the hallmark of our PyeongChang 2018 programming,” comments Eurosport CEO, Peter Hutton.

The new logo will be visible across all Eurosport screens and platforms in the build-up and during PyeongChang 2018.

Source: Eurosport