Robot Food Rethinks Laundry Detergent with ‘LOAD’ Concept

Robot Food Rethinks Laundry Detergent with ‘LOAD’ Concept

Leeds-based branding agency Robot Food has unveiled a new concept project that aims to rethink a number of popular product categories in the retail sector.

“Project Disrupt is a self initiated concept project where we split the team into three and spent five days rethinking three categories in desperate need of a shake up,” says the agency.

One chosen category was laundry detergent, which was deemed to be offering “inconvenient solutions and little innovation”.

“Shopping the detergent aisle is a chore. Every product looks the same, nobody understands any of it,” says Robot Food. “Bad for the environment, clunky and awkward to carry home; laundry is lacking excitement and declining as a result.”

In an effort to go “back to basics, reset and create a brand to take all the others down”, the designers therefore came up with “LOAD”, which is described as a “subscription laundry service for the 21st century” – and which further spans product design as well as packaging and branding design (the latter including an animated wordmark complete with a spinning washing drum functioning as the letter “O”).

“LOAD makes doing laundry a doddle. It’s a detergent that’s tailored around you and delivered through your letterbox. There’s never too little, never too much. There’s no fuss, no faff and zero wastage,” says the ‘Hot Wash’ design team.

The other two teams, meanwhile, dubbed ‘The Brie Amigos’ and ‘Smell of Success’, reexamined cheese and air fresheners, respectively.

All three finished concepts are now live and can be viewed online at Visitors to the website can also vote for their favourite design.

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