SomeOne Brands Eastbourne’s ‘The Devonshire Quarter’

SomeOne Brands Eastbourne’s ‘The Devonshire Quarter’

SomeOne has created the new strategy, name and branding for what is claimed to be one of the most important projects currently in development in the south of England.

When complete, Devonshire Park complex, which is said to be the biggest scheme Eastbourne Borough Council has ever embarked on, will aim to become a nationally important and recognised cultural and tennis destination.

The redevelopment project also includes the restoration of three listed buildings, namely, the Congress, Winter Garden and Devonshire Park theatres.

As well as featuring a bespoke monogram based on the letters “D” and “Q”, the newly-created identity therefore includes detailed architectural illustrations, which subsequently form part of a signature set of communication platforms.

“Each building is considerably complex in it’s exterior design; we digitally scanned the architecture and referenced original architectural drawings to develop a set of vector drawings based on each,” says SomeOne’s lead designer, Vyara Zlatilova.

As for the new name, The Devonshire Quarter, SomeOne says it was devised to better describe the part of Eastbourne that the site occupies.

“The Quarter is where sport, art, theatre and people meet — it’s not a park you meander through, it’s a series of interlinked venues. Describing it as a quarter was a natural progression” explains SomeOne’s founder and creative boss, Simon Manchipp.