Sunhouse Designs Logo and Packaging for New Beauty Brand – ‘And Begin’

Sunhouse Designs Logo and Packaging for New Beauty Brand – ‘And Begin’

Bath-based agency Sunhouse has designed the logo, branding, and packaging for new skincare brand, “And Begin”.

A brainchild of the team behind online prescription skincare company Skin&Me, And Begin’s products have been formulated to specifically target midlife women.

“Gen X women have gained confidence from their life experiences and now stand at a pivotal point, fully aware of their choices for the next chapter in their lives,” explains Chris Griffiths, design director at Sunhouse.

Adding: “Our identity reflects this pivotal point, drawing inspiration from how light expands and metamorphoses through a prism – a visual metaphor for the endless possibilities that open for this generation. From the uplifting glow of the brandmark to the gentle, luminous hues of the colour palette, the new brand assets reinforce And Begin’s empowering positioning with beauty and strength.”

“And Begin’s packaging draws from premium cues in the cosmeceutical category, highlighting benefits in a simple yet stunning manner. The brand masterfully balances professional efficacy with a touch of luxurious warmth, presenting it with calm assurance,” further comments the design team.

Additional details include photography by Kellie French, which is claimed to add a “playful, yet genuinely luxurious feel” to the overall identity.

Sunhouse was reportedly involved in the design of And Begin’s look from the brand’s very inception.