Co-operative Pharmacy Rebrands as ‘Well’

Co-operative Pharmacy Rebrands as ‘Well’

Following its £620million acquisition by Bestway Group last October, Co-operative Pharmacy, the UK’s largest independent pharmacy chain, is re-launching under the new name Well.

The launch and re-brand of 780 Co-operative Pharmacy branches to Well, separates the business from the previous parent company; and kick-starts a five-year expansion strategy.

As demand grows, due to factors such as increasing population size and longer life expectancy, company bosses say the aim is to increase customer numbers and grow current annual revenues of £750 million to £1 billion by 2019.

Specialist healthcare sector agency Langland was brought in to help develop the new identity.

“The conversation has shifted from illness to wellness,” said Kate Spencer, managing partner at Langland. “The new brand, with significant investment from Bestway, will be the first to deliver the kind of accessible, local healthcare people want and need, to complement the service they get from their GP.”

Zameer Choudrey, CEO of Bestway Group, added: “We are very pleased to announce and launch Well; and excited to begin rolling out the next chapter of this fantastic business story. We are confident in the new branding that has been created and have no doubt that it has a bright future ahead.”

A further £1.6million is being invested into establishing a new headquarters for Well in Manchester, relocating 227 staff from the current Co-operative Group head office.





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