Government Branding: ‘Create Hong Kong’

Government Branding: ‘Create Hong Kong’

CreateHK is a dedicated agency established by the Commerce and Economic Development Bureau of the government of Hong Kong.

The organisation’s mission is to both champion and drive the development of Hong Kong’s creative economy, with a long-term ambition of making Hong Kong the region’s creative capital.

In 2009 the agency launched a nationwide logo design contest in order to help formulate a suitable brand identity. One of the more notable entries included this one by reformer design studio.

Wai Chan David, reformer’s creative director, looked to the tangram for inspiration. A popular and traditional Chinese pastime, the tangram is a geometric tiling puzzle that is made up of seven flat shapes.

Reformer’s logo design proposal, in visual form, comprises the letters “HK”. The vertically placed “創意香港” characters read “Create Hong Kong” and form the left half of the H. The latter’s right half, meanwhile, is constructed out of a seven-piece tangram, which then simultaneously also becomes the letter K.