Hispano Suiza Reveals Name and Logo of New Car – ‘Sagrera’

Hispano Suiza Reveals Name and Logo of New Car – ‘Sagrera’

Luxury Spanish car brand Hispano Suiza has revealed the name and logo of its new vehicle – “Sagrera”.

The name is said to be rooted in the manufacturer’s long history that dates all the way back to the beginning of the twentieth century.

Having produced its first car in 1905, the company moved to the ‘La Sagrera’ district of Barcelona in 1911.

There it founded its first large factory that was located on Ribas road – as can be seen in the old photo below – and which would eventually employ 1,800 people.

“La Sagrera played an important role in the history of Hispano Suiza, contributing significantly to our growth as a company,” says the firm’s CEO, Sergio Martínez Campos, who also happens to be the great-grandson of founder Miguel Suqué Mateu.

Adding: “Now, coinciding with our 120th anniversary, the time has come for us to pay tribute to La Sagrera and we will do so by proudly carrying the name of this Barcelona district around the world, thanks to our new hypercar.”

After a stint making aircraft engines during the great wars period, the company’s car-making capabilities eventually ground to a halt.

That was until 2019, when the name was revived as an EV brand with the reveal of the Carmen hypercar (pictured below).

And the yet-to-be-revealed Sagrera is being touted as the Carmen’s successor.

Source: Hispano Suiza