Believe In Brands London Energy Company, ‘Loka’

Believe In Brands London Energy Company, ‘Loka’

Greenwich Peninsula has been described by London Mayor Boris Johnson as “one of the most exciting regeneration projects in Europe.” When complete, the 160-acre site around the O2 will include some 10,000 homes and 3.5 million square feet of commercial space.

Included in the development is a District Heat Network that will generate and supply heat to all the residents and businesses on the Peninsula. Upon completion, the network is set to be the largest of its kind anywhere in the UK, connecting a brand new energy centre to customers via a network of insulated underground pipes.

The company building and operating the network is an entirely new energy company, Loka Energy Limited, which recently unveiled a new brand developed by design studio Believe in.

Believe in was appointed to develop all aspects of the new brand, including the strategy, name and identity, plus a range of internal and external communications.

Loka means ‘local’ in Esperanto, the universal language invented in the 1870s to foster harmony between people. It also references low carbon, said to be a “key ambition” of the network’s approach to energy generation and supply.

The logotype is formed of geometric shapes with a strong colour palette, and the identity is supported by a range of illustrations developed with London-based illustrator Sodavekt.

Believe in’s creative director Blair Thomson said, “The strong identity is imbued with a sense of positive energy while remaining characterful and warm. This helps to position Loka well away from more traditional ‘Big Energy’ companies.”

He added, “The elements that come together to form the logotype were inspired by the geometric shapes in the new Greenwich Peninsula marque. As a result it retains a strong connection to the community it serves, while at the same time feeling distinctive.”












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